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Please find most frequently asked questions on this page. There are probably more questions you have. Please reach out and asked them. 


How do I get to orientation?

We will fly you out or get you a rental car to get to our headquarters in Oklahoma.


Where will I stay for orientation?

We will put you in a nice hotel like the Hampton Inn,  all paid by the company. No sharing hotel rooms,  you will have your own room. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Dinner is on you.


Can I choose my road trainer?

No,  you will be assigned by your preferences to a trainer.


Can I try to cheat on the hair drug test?

Absolutely not.  If you show up with a fresh shaved head and body,  you are not the right candidate for the job.


Do I get paid for orientation and road training?

Yes,  for the first 2 weeks of orientation you will receive $900 and $100/daily for your road training.


How much money can I make when I upgrade to my own truck?

You can start making some real good money even as an entry level driver. You get paid by the mile + bonuses. My paychecks average $1300 - $1400 / weekly. I can show them to you.


When will I get paid?

Every Friday.


Do you have local positions?

No, this job is OTR = over the road. That means you will travel all over the US.

Do you have automatic and manual transmission trucks?

All of our trucks are automatic.


How often will I get home?

You need to stay out for 3 weeks. Every week you will earn one home time day. In addition,  you will get one bonus day you can either use to stay home or get paid $200 for it (this is a current bonus program and could end by end of this year). So after 3 weeks on the road,  you can go home for 3 or 4 days. Do you need to go home after 3 weeks? No, you can stay on the road and save up your days.


How will I get home?

You will take the truck with you. It will need to be parked in a safe location while you are staying at home. If you have a nice spot for it at home,  great. If not,  there are safe parking locations to park the truck. The company will assist you to find the nearest location for you.


Do you offer benefits?

Yes,  including health insurance,  401k,  life insurance,  etc..


Is this a W2 or 1099 job?



What does flatbed mean?

A flatbed trailer is an open trailer. Check out the photo gallery to get a better understanding.


Can I take a passenger with me?

Yes,  anybody over 10 years old is allowed to ride with you.


How about my dog?

Yes, your dog can ride with you too.


Is this an easy job?

That is a question you need to answer yourself. To me the driving part is easy going but can be exhausting too. The securement and tarping of some loads can be hard work. One of the advances of flat bedding is that you will stay fit. If you prefer just to drive,  then operation a truck with a dry van trailer is probably a better choice for you.


Were you nervous when you got your own truck?

Lol. By any means I guess everybody is nervous and a little scared starting a new part of their life. A major advantage is that the company has your back with 24/7 support. To me the scariest part of the job was backing up in a parking spot at truck stops in the beginning. But surprisingly I received lots of help from other truckers I had never met in my life. After 1-2 months backing up in a spot wasn’t a concern for me anymore.


Would you join the company and do it all over again?

Absolutely yes. I did a lot of research before I send my application out,  and I am very happy I was able to get an opportunity to join the team.  


Requirements for the job?

- Must be 21 years of age or older.

- Valid CDL Class A from the state you reside in.

- No BACs, DUIs, or DWIs in the last 5 years.

- Must meet all applicable DOT Regulations including a DOT physical and NIDA approved drug screen       administered by our company’s physician.

- Must pass an integrity interview and meet company’s work attendance and availability requirements.


How are we getting things started?

Contact me. Chris or I will have a chat with you to determine if this is the right job for you. If we think you are a good candidate and with our referral you will have a good shot of getting the opportunity to join our team.

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