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Greetings and congratulations to accomplish getting your CDL. A new career in the trucking industry is just around the corner now. But how do I get behind that 18 wheeler steering wheel? How do I find a company who takes recent graduates? I was in the same situation as you earlier this year when I got my CDL. I had so many questions and barely any answers. That’s the reason I decided to help recent CDL graduates to get started. The company I work for is currently looking for qualified new drivers.

I will not sugar coat anything here. I am not a recruiter sitting at a desk reading you a script that sounds great. I am a 24/7 trucker by now and love what I am doing. I will tell you exactly what to expect since I went through everything myself. Flatbed trucking isn’t for everybody. But decide for yourself. If you get the opportunity to join our team this is what to expect:


Orientation for 2 weeks:

We will get you over to our headquarters by plane or rental car. Ticket or rental car will be paid for by the company. Also the company will pay for your own hotel room. No sharing rooms with someone you don’t know.

The first week you will spent most of the time in the classroom. Paperwork needs to be filled out and a large portion of the time you will learn mostly about the following:

          - Safety

          - How to work your clock

          - Trip planning

          - Atlas practice

          - Learn about the MACRO system

          - What can you do and what not when you are on the road

          - How to live on the road

In addition to classroom time our driver instructor’s will take you out for a drive and you will practice backing with them. No need to get sweaty palms. If you don’t run a red light or kill an instructor,  you will be fine. This is not a second CDL test. If you pull up 8 times nobody cares as long as you don’t hit a wall. And I almost forgot. There will be a hair drug test. If you can’t pass it you probably have no future in the trucking industry anyway.


The second week you will mostly spend time in the yard learning how to secure different loads. Remember, this is flatbedding and not just opening and closing the trailer doors. You will get dirty,  and it is hard work. This includes throwing straps,  working with chains,  climbing on the trailer/loads,  tarping loads,  etc.. Some of our instructors have over a million miles trucking on the paper. They know what they are doing. Guys, this is the time to shine. If you are lazy and your phone is more important than securements,  you will be back home sooner than you got here. 


Alright, you made it through orientation and what is next? For the next 3 weeks you will be assigned to a trainer and hit the road with him/her. Yes, we also have female trainers. Btw: women are encouraged to apply but it’s not guaranteed that you will be assigned to a female trainer. Now you will learn how to really drive a truck and get to know the “OTR = over the road” life. You will share the truck with your trainer for the next 3 weeks. You will sleep in it and practically live in it. Will this be the best time of your life? Nope, but it needs to be done and when you have finished your 3 weeks you will be proud of yourself. That I can tell you.


So,  what’s next? Congratulations, you made it!!! You will be upgraded and yep, now it is time to get your own truck. 5 weeks have gone fast by,  and you will be part of the fleet. Remember, after completing the 2 weeks orientation and 3 weeks of road training you will be on your own. There are no stupid questions and if you need more practice with something just ask. That’s what this is all about. To get you ready.


Still here reading?  Great,  this might be the right job for you. I will answer more questions in the FAQ section.

Of course,  there are only limited positions available and I don’t want to waste your or mine time. I am in very good standing with our companies hiring department. Before I refer anybody I want to make sure you are the right candidate. So,  let’s have a chat and we will go from there.

Please fill out the contact form,  call or text me. I am not always able to take phone calls since I am driving a lot. If I don’t answer you know what to do. 



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